Trận Chiến Tàn Khốc - Land of Bad (2024)

Trạng thái : HD Vietsub

Đạo diễn : William Eubank

Diễn viên : Liam Hemsworth, Russell Crowe, Luke Hemsworth, Ricky Whittle, Milo Ventimiglia, Chika Ikogwe, Daniel MacPherson, Robert Rabiah, Jack Finsterer, Chris Masters Mah

Quốc gia : Châu Âu

Đánh giá : 6.6/10 điểm

Thời lượng : 113 Phút

Lượt xem : 15 view

Thể loại:


When a Delta Force special ops mission goes terribly wrong, Air Force drone pilot Reaper has 48 hours to remedy what has devolved into a wild rescue operation. With no weapons and no communication other than the drone above, the ground mission suddenly becomes a full-scale battle when the team is discovered by the enemy.

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